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Maximise Your Poker Play with Marketing Codes and Bonuses


The smart online poker players make use of the many great marketing codes and bonuses available.  These can provide a powerful way to boost your playing fund.  You can get some excellent Pokerstars marketing code and bonus options.

Poker Bonuses

You may be wondering what poker bonuses are. In the case of the Pokerstars marketing codes this normally means cash bonuses.  For the current ‘StarS600’ code you can get 100% bonus on your first poker cash deposit.  You can then use this money to get started with Texas holdem, Omaha and many other great online poker games.

You can also use the bonuses from Pokerstars marketing codes to enter tournaments. These are fun experiences for online poker players and can help to boost your skills and confidence.  With the ‘FLOPTURNRIVER’ you will get up to $1000 worth of entries into the popular FTR tournaments every month.  This is an affordable way for beginners to get into tournament style play.


Before you sign up to any online poker rooms you need to check through the reviews.  There are hundreds of reviews available online from other players and industry experts.  These are very useful resources that can provide the following information:

•    Poker Bonuses – reviews will get behind the hype and tell you just how good poker bonuses really are.  Some bonuses may only be valid for a month.  It can be difficult to make the most of them if you only play online every now and then.  One of the benefits of the Pokerstars marketing code ‘STARS600’ is that it is valid for up to 6 months.  This means you can get the most out of it even if you do not play often.

•    Best All-Round Sites – you need to know that the poker site you are using can provide a good all-round service.  This means a secure personal account that is easy to use, player-friendly software, fast check outs and smooth deposits and withdrawals. Reviews can provide you with other player’s experiences and help you to see how online poker rooms perform in the real world.

•    Customer Support – if something goes wrong when you are playing then you need will need fast and responsive help.  Reviews reveal just how good the customer support structure is in poker rooms.  This will help you to make sure you choose an online poker site that can deliver effective customer service.