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Playing Online Poker in the USA


Players looking for top-rated friendly us poker sites have a lot of factors to look out for. While many of these are entirely subjective, there are a few aspects that need to be properly evaluated.

Poker has increased in popularity so much that people no longer have to go to casinos to enjoy their favorite poker games. The advent of online poker has been a defining factor in the casino game’s success and popularity among avid gamblers as well as rookie players. However, there are a few risk involved with playing online poker in the USA, especially if the site you are playing at is not licensed.

The State of Online Poker in the USA

The online poker situation in the USA has been quite confusing to lots of people. Fortunately, there is no federal law that prohibits players from the US from creating accounts in online poker sites. You can even play online poker for real money in the USA without having to worry about being on the wrong side of the law. Online casino laws are in the realm of state laws and while the legislation from one state to another may vary, a good number of states are working towards implementing reasonable legislative and regulatory measures designed to facilitate online poker.

Currently, the states of New Jersey, Delaware, and Nevada have gone all-in to legalize online poker. Citizens of these states ofthese states can play poker at both the online poker sites or at the available land-based casinos as long as they are of the minimum legal age.

When it comes to the other states, the situation is bit mucky but many of them, like we mentioned earlier, are fighting for legislative changes. Still, players from these states have been surviving on international, offshore poker sites which are not in any way subject to laws in the USA. These sites work quite well and so long as you are playing at a trustworthy, licensed and regulated site, you have nothing to worry about.

Why Should You Play Poker Online?

The best thing about playing online poker on licensed and regulated sites is that player funds are just as safe as they would be at any land-based casino. International, offshore casino offers players the same convenience even in the states where no online casino is allowed to operate. As long as the site you choose meets all the desired standards of a great casino then you will get to enjoy a plethora of great services that include ample payment options as well as outstanding and genuine bonuses. Sometimes, the bonuses even surpass the ones that players are usually offered in brick-and-mortar casinos.