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Live Poker vs Online Poker


Almost anyone with an interest in gambling has seen one of the many live poker tournaments that are shown on TV. It might well have inspired a lot of people to give the game a try for themselves. There are a lot of armchair poker experts that are taking this step, but there is one question which needs to be answered: which is best, live or online poker? There are differences between playing poker live and playing online poker for real money and the different games will suit different players.

Read on to find out which is the best option for you.

Live Poker

If it’s excitement you’re after then you’ll experience plenty of it when you play live poker – the other players, the feel of the table, the piles of chips, the atmosphere in a hall where a tournament is taking place. All of this is impossible to replicate on US poker sites and any poker player, budding or expert, should certainly experience the buzz of a poker tournament at least once in their lifetime.

You’ll need to have your wits about you when you play live poker and skills that you previously haven’t had to use will need to be acquired quickly. You’ll need to develop a poker face and the ability to bluff convincingly, whether that’s to try and trick players into thinking you’ve got great cards when you haven’t or the opposite.

Online Poker

When playing online poker, you give yourself something of an advantage. If you need to bluff you can do so without anyone seeing your face, which means you don’t need to become a master of deception.

When playing poker online you can also just click a button to raise or call and everything is taken care of automatically. There’s nothing worse for a new poker player sitting at a real-life table and struggling to calculate the math of how many chips you need to play to continue. It makes a player look a little stupid but this can be avoided when playing online.

The Best of Both Worlds

There is a third option which encompasses both of the other two – live casino poker online. You might think that sounds impossible, but it’s not. This works by streaming live footage from a casino studio straight to your PC or laptop. You can participate in a game in exactly the same way as usual, but the gameplay is more realistic as you will see a real dealer deal actual cards instead of a video game variation. This can be played as a single player game or in a tournament situation on many websites.

Only you can decide which form of poker suits you best. One thing’s for sure though, poker is here to stay, and no matter which way you choose to play you’ll have a great deal of fun doing it.