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Five Tips Used by Video Poker Pros


Want to play casino games? Learn poker terms? Become the next WSOP Champ? You’re not alone. In recent years, casino and poker games have become popular international pastimes, gaining fans worldwide thanks to everyday players turned celebrities like Chris Moneymaker and the proliferation of internet gaming. If you’re looking for a casino online, you’ve come to the right place.

Although anyone can learn how to play video poker, you have to play like the pros in order to become one of the pros. Here are five tips to get you started on the path towards more wins and bigger payouts.

Stay Away from Auto Hold

Some Internet-based casinos offer players an Auto Hold option. This software will hold onto the best cards in your hand while playing the hand for you. But sometimes this Auto Hold does not recognize when players are holding out for straights or royal flushes so it will keep the high cards to try to obtain a pair. Bottom line is that you, and not the software, must play the cards.

Form a Strategy

Video poker is not a chance-only gambling game; there is some skill involved in winning. The manner in which you play your hands should depend upon how often you wish to win. If you go for more pairs, you will get frequent, small payouts but if you go for more straights and royal flushes, you will get infrequent, big payouts.

Utilize the Maximum Amount of Coins

For instance, if a video poker machine will allow a minimum of one coin and a maximum of three coins per one play, invest all three coins at one time. You will regret not utilizing the maximum amount of coins if you happen to win a major hand. When you play the biggest number of coins possible, you will earn the largest payout possible; the opposite is also true. So if you play, always play big.

Progressive Jackpots and Bonus Rounds

Progressive jackpots and bonus rounds are both excellent and quick ways of pulling in additional money. With bonus rounds, you can make a bigger wager in hopes of doubling or tripling your money. And in the case of progressive jackpots, you can increase the winning payout with each played hand on the machine; the person who happens to hit the right hand will get the jackpot. Regardless of which machine you play, they are both fun and require you to use the maximum amount of coins.

Do Not Rush

Taking your time is important, especially when playing a multi-hand poker machine. These machines do not run on a limited time per round so rushing will not increase your chances of getting better results or hitting better hands. The only results you will get by rushing is more losses and reckless play. So relax, do not rush and utilize your game strategy. Following this advice will not only prolong your play time but also allow the chance to win more money per hand, giving you the best results. And do not forget to practice because playing practice games will fine-tune your strategies and reap you the benefits of slower play.