Play the EuroJackpot Lottery


Modelling itself almost completely on the already successful Euromillions the EuroJackpot has a favourable rule system that should make the big prizes a lot easier for players to win. Like all lottery games the aim of the EuroJackpot is to match numbers you’ve chosen with numbers that are drawn at random once each week on a Friday evening.

The results of each draw are online around 01:00 GMT +3 as they are drawn in Helsinki Finland at 00:45 +3 GMT.

7 numbers are drawn each week. 5 of are from a pool of 1-50 and the remaining two are from a pool of 1-11. Each Friday there will be a guaranteed minimum jackpot of €10,000,000. This jackpot can rollover when it is not won up to a maximum of €90,000,000.

The jackpot prize is of course won by matching all 5 of your main numbers and 2 extra numbers with the results each Friday. Cash prizes can be won for matching a minimum of 2 main numbers and 1 extra number.

The bottom tiered prizes start from approximately €8, all the way up to approximately  €350,000,000 for matching 5 main numbers and 1 extra number -e.g one number away from a jackpot win. It’s these extra prize categories that make the game so playable, and create so many big cash winners who have done very well for their €2 ticket cost.

The odds of a jackpot victory are among the best in the world at 1 in 56 million.

The prize winning odds drop considerably when it comes to winning the smallest amount of €8, as players have a 1 in 35 chance of doing so.