Card Counting Blackjack Strategy


Overall poker is probably the most popular gambling game and I suppose one of the reasons for this is the fact that your fate is kind of in your own hands. If you’re good at bluffing and have incorporated that skill into a mathematically sound poker strategy, you could potentially be onto a winner.

More traditional casino games such as roulette for example always have odds that are stacked against you and it doesn’t matter how mathematically gifted you are or what strategy you use, you can’t overcome the odds. The problem with poker strategy though is that not everyone can do it. A memory I have is when I used to pinch sweets from the jar when my mum wasn’t looking.

Then when she found there were less in the jar than there were the last time she looked, she’d come up to me and say “You’ve taken sweets from the jar, don’t even think about lying because I can tell when you’re lying.” This same principal can in some ways be applied to poker as well because some players are just really good at telling when people are bluffing.

If you’re the kind of person that loves card games but can’t handle the bluffing side of things, you may want to try your hand at blackjack. When you use perfect blackjack strategy the house edge can be cut to less than 1% which is as low as you’re going to get on a casino game.

There are ways though of getting the house edge even lower and even turning the odds in your favour with some careful strategy. This is achieved via a technique known as card counting and if you search on YouTube you will find loads of videos on the subject. In a nutshell, card counting involves tracking the cards that come out of the shoe and then betting larger amounts when there are more favourable cards.

Favourable cards are high value cards such as the 10’s and the Ace’s. Cards with a low value are classed as unfavourable. When there are more high value cards left in the shoe, you’re more likely to get a blackjack and the dealer is more likely to go bust, this is car5d counting can be an effective technique.  In order to master it though it takes a lot of practice just as poker does and you shouldn’t be viewing it as some kind of a get rich quick scheme for obvious reasons.