Going Beyond Texas Hold’Em Online

When it’s time to think about going beyond Texas Hold’Em in your poker online play, you might wonder why you would even bother. After all, it’s pretty safe to say that Hold’Em is definitely going to be around for a long time, which means that there are plenty of players to go toe to toe with and try to take their chips — and the money that it represents. However, the argument can be made because a good poker player needs to keep their skills sharp no matter where they go. You don’t want to end up missing out on the power to change your poker game, do you?

Yes, that’s right — by playing different variations of poker, you will be changing the way you see the game. That can help you identify weaknesses that you didn’t even know were there, which means that you will ultimately be able to handle higher skilled players better than you might have otherwise. It’s even arguable that playing other games like bingo will further enhance certain skills that can help you at poker.  Bingo is a highly social game that may help you with your poker bluff!

If you’re thinking on the right track, then you know that you have to branch out eventually. Even though it might not seem like it, there really is life outside of Texas Hold’Em, and you need to just make sure that you reach out and grab hold of it.

Below is a list of games that will take you beyond Texas Hold’Em. Don’t worry — the rules aren’t going to be so crazy that you won’t be able to catch on fast.

7-Card Stud

What makes 7-card stud so interesting is that it can be played with numerous players. Like Hold’Em, the more players that are in the game, the more challenging it’s going to be. The goal here is that you use 7 cards instead of just two cards to make the best hand possible. It’s played in limit fashion, so if you’re looking for no limit action, you’ll have to look elsewhere.

Omaha Hi-Lo

Hi-Lo is often called 8 or better, and it’s a variation of Omaha poker. You’ll be able to find it online easily enough, which means that you can practice more poker strategy. Generally speaking, you’re going to have to deal with some challenges in Omaha Hi-Lo that you won’t have to deal with in Hold’Em. For one, the fact that you have to deal with a high hand and a low hand is enough to get your brain bubbling. Add to it that you’ll have to try to win a high hand as well as the low hand to get the chips from both pots and you might have bitten off more than you can chew. Can you handle it? Continue reading

Don’t Take Online Poker Personally

One of the first rules of poker is that when you get started, you need to play hard, you need to play strong, and you need to play long. What do we mean by this? You will need to really step back and dive into poker in a way that’s aggressive — especially if you really want to earn big money. It’s too easy to end up not getting the money that you deserve because you got lost along the way.

As you might have learned already, poker is more than just cards. It’s about the battlefield of the mind, and how much control you have over your own emotions. It’s too easy to end up making decisions in poker based on your gut and your heart rather than your head. There are times where gut decisions make sense, but most of the time you will need to be logical. There are people in the world of poker that will be preying on any and all of your weaknesses, so the best betting tips that you can learn is simply this: you don’t want to take anything in poker seriously.

The truth is that you will need to make sure that you don’t take anything seriously because people will turn it against you. They will make it hard for you to do anything in the world of poker because it will immediately become obvious that you’re someone that can’t control their own feelings.

When you start feeling like you’re getting too serious about the game, you need to step back. Analyze your hands and really think about what your goals are in poker. Are you playing for fun? if so, then you might want to step back from paying for real money for a while, at least until you’ve really gotten a chance to think about the weight of your decisions. Sometimes it can be helpful to take the money equation out of it and just play for chips and maybe a few prizes rather than making it a serious money venture. Yes, you can make big money in poker but that definitely takes time to really learn the game big time.

If you’re really feeling raw, remember that poker isn’t just about cards — it’s also about people too. It can be helpful to really take your time and spend time off in the community boards. You can talk strategy if you want to, but some people like to get away from poker while still being around people that understand all too well what they’re going through.

That’s right — veteran poker players can sometimes take it personally when they lose the game of poker. It means that you don’t want to think that you’re the only one that goes through it. You’re definitely not alone. In fact, it’s safe to say that there is a phase during your poker learning time where you’re going to take every defeat personally. It’s the ones that manage to get out of this phase through clear thinking that actually manage to do more than just sit and complain about how things aren’t fair.

So when you start sliding towards high emotions, remember this: you don’t want to take online poker personally! Now go play!

Keep Things Interesting By Playing Poker Online!

If you’re like most people, you’re definitely playing poker with your friends occasionally. No matter what the stakes are, it’s refreshing to know that you can yank a few chips out of your friends’ pockets before they turn around and do the same to you! However, what if you’re really dreaming about larger action and actually being rewarded for your love of poker? In addition, what about if you really want to grow as a poker player? After hundreds of hands with your friends, you probably already know who is better at poker than you are, and who is weaker than you are. It’s time for a new challenge, wouldn’t you say?

That’s where the rise of the Internet is really set to make your day. Instead of having to drive what could end up being hours upon hours away from home to play at a traditional land-based casino, you can play poker online from the comfort of your own home — how cool is that?

Trying to figure out what you really want to accomplish within the online world of poker can be tricky, but it really starts with one step: picking the best casino. You want to pick a poker place that really devotes itself well to poker. If you can not only find a casino that will accept players from your country of origin and even will let you upload statistics to other poker stat-crunching sites, then you’re definitely at a great casino that you can play at for a very long time.

Is it about the welcome bonus that you get from the casino? That’s definitely one reason to look at a casino, but it can have two different meanings. Aside from the obvious reason of claiming free cash that can be added to your bankroll, it’s been recognized that some of the most bonus friendly casinos are also big time pools where fish (weaker players) are known to congregate in large numbers. Whenever the fish “swim” is where you want to hunt — especially if you’re trying to pad your bankroll a little bit so you can turn around and go after larger prey.

If that sounds cutthroat to you, hey — it’s all gravy in the world of poker. Once you decide to play for money, all bets are really off. It’s better to make sure that you have no problem getting the money you need to rise higher and higher in poker.

So, if you’re really thinking about keeping things interesting, it really doesn’t get any better than playing poker online — dive in today!

The Best Time to Play Poker

It may seem silly, but it is likely that you will be better at playing free poker at certain times of the day. We all have times in the day when we find that our brain functions better and poker takes a lot of brain work.

Some people are morning people, they can get up early and get straight on with work finding that as the day goes on the more tired they get and the worse they perform. Other people find that they take a long time to wake up in the morning and they therefore do not really find their brain wakes up that early. They will find that they are much better in the evenings.

If you are not sure then you could experiment and play at different times of the day and see when you feel you are playing better. It is a bit difficult to measure as how much you win is not necessarily an indication of how well you are laying as that also depends on how well the people you are playing with are doing as well and of course there is also a certain amount of luck involved.

You will be better off consciously thinking about your concentration levels and when you think those seem to be better. It is worth remembering that starting early in the morning and then playing all day is not a good way to measure because you will get tired. It is better to do an hour a day at different times and then you will get a better idea of when you are concentrating the best.

You may need to experiment over quite a long time period, but it is likely that you will soon begin to see a pattern emerging. It may end up being a bit annoying in that perhaps the best time for you to play is the least convenient, but at  least you will know and you may be able to fit your games around that a bit.