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Up Your Poker Playing to a Professional Level


Okay. So you have been playing poker for decades. Your gambling skills and strategies rival that of the pros, which is why you want the chance to become one of them. Professional poker players know that their hand does not dictated their prowess at the table. The poker greats realize that a wide array of factors come into play, such as knowing when to bet, bluff, fold and how to act at the table. It isn’t about the amount of games you play. It’s about the money you earn. You never know. One day you could be one of the “golden” players at the World Series of Poker.

Two Things to Build: Skill Sets and a Bankroll

Every poker player who tours professionally started at the very bottom. Through years of practice, these players have honed their poker skills. They have spent countless hours studying strategy books, gathering tips and practicing what they have learned. Only then did the pros start playing for real cash. So after you start making more fake money than you lose, you can begin investing real money into poker games. This is how you build your bankroll and subsequently, start your poker career.

Make an Emergency Fund

Professional poker players treat the game as a business. Therefore, you must get a tight grip on your finances. The pros recommend keeping one bank account for poker and another account for living expenses. If you are not skilled at managing your money, it is wise to take a few accounting and personal finance classes.

Practice on the Internet

Due to the worldwide popularity of the Internet and poker, online poker playing is a great way to train. Find websites that offer free training courses taught by real professionals. These classes will teach you the skills that take amateur players to the professional level, and the mistakes that keep amateurs, well, amateurs. If you are shaky on math and statistics, you can take college-level courses online. After you learn this information, your betting skills will improve dramatically.

Travel the Country and Beyond

Once you have gained a full understanding of the game and built your bankroll, you are ready to go out into the world and compete against the pros of the poker industry. When you win your first poker tournament, give yourself a congratulatory pat – you are now a professional. If you want to maximize your per-hour earnings, compete against less skilled players. And occasionally, take a chance on high-stakes, huge-payout games.