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Turn a Profit By Playing the Right Game of Poker


Is there a way to find the most profitable game of poker? A lot of websites advise people to search for “loose players” and other sites give poker websites ratings according to the amount of “fish” playing on there. However, it is ideal for a poker player to find the game that suits them the best. By finding the game that meshes with your tendencies and personality, you can turn a profit.

Six-Handed vs. Nine-Handed

Take the following as an example. Consider an aggressive type of player sitting in on a game of No Limit Hold ‘Em. This person tends to feel more comfortable playing a six-handed game as opposed to a nine-handed game; there are more six-handed games, which means there are not as many players. Because of this, players can utilize a bigger variety of hands in a more aggressive manner. On the other hand, someone who plays a “tight game” and who prefers to hold out for top hands should choose nine-handed games instead of six-handed ones. Since the blinds in a six-handed game come around 33 percent more often, a players profits will dwindle a lot faster.

Limit Hold ‘Em vs. No Limit Hold ‘Em

There are some players who feel more at ease playing a Limit Hold ‘Em poker game with a larger blind rather than a No Limit Hold ‘Em game with a smaller blind. These players realize the importance of risking a specific amount as opposed to putting in 100 percent of their chip stack. Either way a player choose to go, confidence is what helps someone play their best game.

Razz and Omaha H/L vs. Stud

In addition, some poker players fair better with games of Razz and Omaha H/L instead of their Stud counterpart. And as strange as this may sound, games of Stud H/L attract a greater amount of players than a standard game of Stud when it comes to online poker games. In the minds of some poker players, the idea of a split pot equates a greater chance of winning.

Confidence, Confidence and More Confidence

When push comes to shove, confidence is key. If you feel better about your poker performance, you stand a better chance of turning a profit regardless of whether or not the poker game of your choice comes with the recommendation of an advanced player. And of course, those who teach poker to others should help their students realize their own tendencies and strengths in order to sharpen their preexisting skills.