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The Inside Angle to Power Poker


Are you ready to get aggressive on the poker table? Do you want to physically intimidate just about every player that you come across? If you’ve answered yes to anything said here, then you are definitely ready for Power Poker. Now, we’re not talking about the website of the same name, though they are an interesting place to play poker. We’re talking about the concept of systematically controlling the poker table from start to finish.

Let’s go into a few particulars so you know where we’re coming from. The first thing that you need to think about is your position on the poker table. Do you really want to be in the middle? Do you want to be first? Do you want to be the last to act?

Ha. Trick questions. You will play just about every position in poker, including what’s known as the dealer position. It’s also called “on the button”, and you will definitely want to be the dealer here. This is because you are the last person to act, which means that you can definitely control things in a big way. For example, you might play a few marginal hands on the button because it’s easier to get away with — people will already have calculated the number of outs on the table, so they might feel that you really don’t have anything to work with. The opposite holds as well — they might assume that you actually have a lot on the table, so weaker players might fall back — especially with the right bid.

That leads to the next point of power poker — you will need to make sure that you’re betting aggressively. This is not a time to limp into pots. Now, does that mean that you will want to play every pot? No, definitely not! The principle of power poker is that you call the shots. You control the board. This means that if you need to fold, you should fold. This will send the signal that this board is beneath you playing it, and other players will scramble to figure out what you’re really trying to do.

One of the most powerful things you can do when you’re trying to play power poker is to switch things up. You will need to make sure that you’re difficult to decipher. If people think they are getting one over on you, they will be highly unlikely to play into your hands. However, if they feel like you’re unable to decode, they will definitely think twice about bluffing you or trying to shove you back.

Of course, there is always the presence of weaker players to consider. All of the “rules” of poker do not take into consideration that weaker players will play as people first and gamblers second. They will give in to their baser nature and be prone to emotion. Instead of outright taking advantage, you will want to draw them out slowly and then take their chips.

Is it wrong to play poker powerfully and aggressively? Definitely not. If you study the world’s best poker players, you will notice that they all have played aggressive poker at least a few times in life. Take their example to heart and get started today!