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Texas Hold ‘Em Strategies


Texas hold ‘em is a type of poker in which two cards are dealt to each player (face down), and then five cards called ‘community card’ are dealt face-up in front of the dealer. The first three cards are called ‘the flop’, the fourth card ‘the turn’, and the fifth and final card, ‘the river’. Players have to choose whether they will bet, check, raise or fold after every deal of the cards. There are variations on the game that specify whether or not betting occurs before or after the dealing of ‘the flop’, ‘the turn’, or ‘the river’ cards.

Poker playing aficionados almost also advise Texas hold ‘em players to maintain a tight, yet aggressive style. This means that player doesn’t play as many hands, but when they do play a hand they bet and raise bets aggressively. Another commonly held belief is that where a person chooses to sit makes an enormous difference, especially when playing Texas hold ‘em with no limits. As game play progresses, the player furthest from the dealer has more information on which to make his or her decision, thereby increasing their position.

Mathematicians and statisticians have worked to create a quantitative model of the dynamics of Texas hold ‘em in order to optimize potential strategies with a certain amount of success. Poker playing software is one way to practice theories of game play strategy using artificial intelligence.

It is vital to remember that Texas hold ‘em is not a game of luck and therefore requires intelligence and quick thinking. As with many poker games, Texas hold ‘em strategies works best if you are not only bright, but can evaluate other players and bluff effectively. Even in online Texas hold ‘em games a person can evaluate the competition by watching how they check or rise. Use of auto checked boxes is a sign that your opponent is not very professional, for instance. After only a couple of rounds you should be able to pick up on subtle clues to your opponent’s level of experience as well as behaviors such as long delays.

Keep in mind that if you are a beginner you should stick with low-limit games of Texas hold ‘em until you feel more confident in your abilities. As you gain experience, look for tables to play where you see loose play and less or equal skill to your own as you grow in your ability to outwit opponents. Texas hold ‘em is a version of poker that requires a serious mindset as well as discipline and a certain amount of self-control, so if you want to be successful, devote enough time to practice your favorite strategies.

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