More Great Casino Games You Should Check Out!


If you’re tired of poker, it’s okay — we won’t hold it against you. Even though we’re big poker fans, we concede that there’s more to life — and online gambling — than just poker. However, if you’ve been in the poker industrial-complex for a while, you might start thinking that there’s really nothing but a desert wasteland waiting for you if you step outside of the online poker scene.

That’s not true at all — there are quite a few casino games that you should really check out as soon as you can.

Let’s start with one of our favorites — craps. Yes, we know that it’s a total game of chance, but that’s why it’s fun. Even though there weren’t too many casinos offering craps games online in the very beginning of Internet gambling, it’s not that way at all now. There are plenty of places where you can play craps and even make big bets — if you’re feeling dangerous.

Of course, we can’t talk about chance without going into blackjack, which is another one of our favorites. Now, there’s still some strategy with blackjack that you have to pay attention to. It’s a lot more than just hitting, standing, doubling down and avoiding insurance — you will need to understand basic timing and strategy so that you’re making all the right moves at all the right times.

Another one of our all time favorite casino games has to be keno — it’s almost like a grown up version of bingo, not that we hate bingo or anything. However, keno takes bingo and the entire concept of chance to a completely different level. Keno is all about picking the right numbers — and hoping that the balls really do land on your numbers. You can win big in keno, but you can also lose big in the keno space as well. Good thing that you can still earn rewards at online casinos when you lose, right?

No matter what type of casino games that you’re into, you definitely have options — this is the Internet, after all. Most casino directories online will also have plenty of links to sites that specialize in the gambling activity of your choice — so yes, even if you’re not sold on the big poker industrial-complex, you can still have a great time gambling online — why not get started today?