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Host the perfect poker party


Want a perfect idea for a get together with friends? What better way than to host a poker party where you and your friends are guaranteed to have a night of fun.

Firstly before you even begin planning to host a party it is highly recommended you check with the local law. There is nothing worse that to have the long hand of the law to slap you with a huge fine for breaking the law. If it is not legal to gamble, it is highly recommended that you obey the law and do not play for money (we have to say this, but seriously…. ).

poker party

One of the first things you need to take care is the guests list. Everything that follows depends on the number of guests attending. For up to 10 players, 1 table will suffice. Anything between 11 and 17 will require 2 tables and if your guests list has above 17 people you will require 3 tables. Remember that as the number of tables increase the press sure on you as host also increases.

To host a poker party you will require a lot of drinks and snacks. However it is a good idea to impose a no food at table rule. Or else soon your cards and chips will smell of shrimps and sushi. Also it would be a good idea to arrange a small table next to the main game table to keep the drinks.

The first thing you need is casino chips and cards. Plastic chips are cheap. But if you are out to impress get hold of clay chips that definitely is better than the plastic ones. Make sure you have at least 50 chips per person. It is going be embarrassing to run out of chips even before the party starts.

Don’t bring out your torn and worn out deck of cards. Buy new cards. Get at least 2 decks per table.

Go over the rules before game starts for the novice players. And remember to have fun.