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Going Head to Head With Tilt


Facing tilt is a big deal. You want to face it as soon as possible so that you can definitely overcome it. The more that you play poker, the more that you will run into the possibility of tilt. What is tilt, then? It’s a loss of control that makes you play really bad poker. You know that you aren’t supposed to rush into that hand, but you do it anyway. You think that everything will be okay. You think that things will get better. We’re here to tell you that if you don’t straighten up, poker will be a bad experience for you.

Playing for real money? Tilt is your enemy. It will suck the cash right out of your bankroll and not ask you what you think about it. When you start getting angry, stressed, hurt, or otherwise frazzled, you need to STEP BACK. A lot of players think that they can just keep going but that’s not really the attitude that you want to take at all. You want to actually realize that there’s a time and a place to play poker…and a time and a place to just sit back and relax.

Dealing with tilt will be difficult for each and every player. Some people feel that they really need to look at tilt, while others throw it away. They’re not playing for real money, so what’s the point?

Poker TiltThe point is that you should always be playing your best version of poker. You never know who you can connect with when you do. You also need to realize that poker is something that will help you evolve your skills over time.

People get into tilt when they feel that the current game outweighs everything else that they’re doing. So they want to really play and have a good time, but they just aren’t sure how to pull that off. They want to win at all costs. The truth that every gambler accepts is that you just can’t win all of the time. There are just going to be points of life where you’re going to have to accept this truth. You will lose money and that’s point of the thrill, oddly enough. If it were guaranteed that you win all the time, the challenge would be gone. You owe it to yourself to make absolutely sure that you’re thinking continuously of playing poker. You want people to be impressed with your super awesome poker skills instead of feeling like it’s impossible to get your attention. Playing great poker means that you’re letting your skills shine.

There’s no need to talk if you don’t want to. Let the cards and your gameplay speak for themselves. And if you feel like you’re taking things too seriously — step away from the table. You’re in the business of poker to make money over time. Let the fish have their moment of glory. They’re going to be down further than you. You will last in poker because you have self discipline. That’s what really matters in a poker match anyway. You have to be able to outwit, outlast, and outplay anyone and everyone that gets in your way. Yes, kind of like Survivor, but hey — we never said it would be easy! Good luck!