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Beginner Poker Tips You Can Use to Help You Make a Little Green!


When you’re a new poker player, it can feel like the entire industry is turning itself against you. The truth is that actually are, in a way — you’re going to need to make sure that you’re looking at everything there is to know about the world of poker, because there are players that will target you. They know that you’re a new poker player and you will find them constantly examining you in just about every way. The more that you focus on the bigger picture, the easier it will be to be a killer poker player that can really win big poker games.

The first thing is to give yourself time to learn everything. A lot of new poker players think that they’re going to just take the poker world by storm immediately. That’s not necessarily the case. There are some anecdotes of really new players that take big pots right from the beginning. However, this is not something that naturally happens. You will have to work at it.

The biggest of the beginner poker tips that we can think of is to be patient. A lot of newbies play when they’re tired, or they play when they’re angry. There’s no need to play when you’re upset. There’s no need to play when your girlfriend dumped you and you’re angry at the entire world. There’s no reason or need to play when you’re mad at your boss. These things are going to dull your natural edge and make you easier to control by other players at the table. They’re going to realize that you’re angry and they’re going to use that against you. Maybe it will be one too many raises, or maybe it’ll be too many bluffs.

The biggest thing that you can do is take control of your own mind. You will also need to practice over and over again until the moves of poker are etched into your memory.

Don’t just go for the money — you might need to play for fun for a while until you’re ready for the real money tables. Just as you can make money quickly in the world of poker, you can also lose a lot more money than you may realize. It’s just about making sure that you don’t always “go with your gut” — go with what’s logical on the board as it stands. You don’t want to chase the river and hope that you’ll hit something — go into hands knowing that you’ll be victorious!