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Bar Poker Is Entertainment – Have Fun With It!


Recently at one of my tournaments a player got upset by the payout that day. The numbers were down due to the weather, and only the top 2 places were paid out. The player that finished 3rd asked, upon being eliminated from the tournament, “What does 3rd place get?” and was answered with “8 points!”. The reply was “And you wonder why I don’t play all the time. You don’t pay out enough!”

I guess I was wrong thinking that bar poker is a form of entertainment!

Actually I’m not wrong. Most people fail to realize that bar poker IS entertainment. It’s not meant to be serious poker or competitive poker. In fact I’ve seen places advertise their bar poker tournaments as “for entertainment purposes only”. Well that’s exactly what they are!!! ENTERTAINMENT. It doesn’t have to be advertised as such! Yes anytime you play a game, whether its poker, darts, pool, or softball, competitive juices will flow. We’re humans, we can’t help it. I know I’ve gotten on people before, and usually when I do I apologize later. I’m competitive by nature, but I realize what bar poker truly is.

Bar Poker

People should be playing bar poker as entertainment and for entertainment. Have fun! Loosen up! Have a drink or 2! Enjoy the night! Some people complain about people having too much drink sometimes at poker tournaments. The ones complaining are the ones not having fun and the ones getting complained about are having a blast! If you can’t lighten up just a little bit and have some fun, perhaps you should find a different game to play. Try Bingo. They take that game way too seriously!!!

And as far as payouts go, if you’re really playing for the prizes, you’re playing for all the wrong reasons. Sure, we all like to win something. It’s an incentive for you to show up. But if you’re walking in with the mind set you need that $100 to pay a bill, maybe you should get a second job. It’s one thing to want to win. You can still have fun. It’s another to need to win. You’re not having fun and chances are you’ll ruin it for other people.

So everyone, let’s remember to have fun when playing bar poker. You go to a bar to see a band or hear a DJ and have fun right? Let’s do the same with poker!