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Advanced Poker Tips for Winning Over the Big Blind


If you are a Hold ‘Em poker player who is having difficulty winning the big blind, this article is full of invaluable, advance-level poker tips.

Playing a game of Hold ‘Em from the blinds is tough when competing against advanced players that have the skill sets needed to easily crush you. Despite your personal level of poker skills, the amount of experience you possess and how good you are at the game, the information disclosed in this article will help you become better.

Performing better when playing from the blinds is certainly an excellent way to take your gaming skills to a higher level. When you start to lose less and win more from the blinds, your poker sessions will change in their entirety. Once you master the following tips, you can build upon them with further poker research and one day, you will become the player everyone wants to beat.

Effortlessly Winning From the Blind

It is critical to win from the blind as the blind is a representation of your game’s biggest forced leak. You have no control over the blind and its ability to cost you a win.

Tip One: Protect Yourself Against Blind Stealers

The first tip you need to learn is how to protect yourself against those who steal blinds. Even if you have been known to do this yourself from time to time, you should still not allow yourself to become victimized by others who try to do it to you.

So observe the game and its players who are in the button and a late position when you find yourself in the blind. Whenever you noticed an opponent who constantly makes big raises once everyone else folds or limps around, it is time to take them down by coming back with a bet that is four or five times more than the big bet.

Tip Two: Do Not Ruthlessly Dominate the Small Blind

On the other hand, you should refrain from ruthlessly dominating the small blind at the table. A small blind is a player over whom you have an enormous positional advantage while in the big blind. Remember, taking half of a large bet every 2-3 rounds does add up at the end of a game.

There are a few ways to accomplish this task. If the small blind limps while trying to meet you, which is typical, overpower him by betting three times the big bet. Usually, small blinds do not play unless they possess holding pockets although there is a 1:8 opportunity for them to hit hard.

Now that you are armed with this information, you are probably considering how you can utilize these tips during future poker games. And you might even be reflecting on past games where knowing these tips could have come in quite handy. Once you realize the money you would have made, you will not hesitate to put these tips into play in the future. It would be a dream come true if you were able to add another 10 percent onto your game winnings. This extra profit would certainly add up in the long run.

Hopefully these tips will help you get better in winning the big blind.