Poker not like the Wild West these days

Long associated with the Wild West, where cowboys gambled their ill gotten gains in a saloon while being served shots of whiskey by a nymph called Miss Mamie, the poker of today is virtually unrecognisable from those days and many new variations of the game have come into being over the years. Stud poker, straight poker and Texas hold ’em are just a few of the different kinds you will find being played around the world 24/7.

In the wee small hours when everyone should be tucked up in bed, there are programmes dedicated to poker playing away on cable channels. These show the professionals at work, the recreational players who have got so adept at the game that it is now their living. These are your hardcore players who have become so skilled at the game of poker that it is now their only source of income.

Of all the casino games, the ones involving cards are the most likely to be accused of involving some kind of cheating. We may laugh at old westerns where one gun slinger finds a king up the sleeve of another and shoots him for his audacity, but in reality rumours of corruption amongst casinos have hung around like a bad smell for decades. The truth is that they are the most legitimate places to bet anywhere, and you can rest assured that there is nothing dodgy going on, simply rumours started by bad losers.

It is also just about the worst game for friends becoming enemies and fights breaking out. A friendly game of poker in the back room of a pub is common place now, and those who take it a tad too seriously and can’t believe that they are losing so heavily will start to fling accusations around. This has got poker somewhat of a bad reputation, yet it is attracting millions of new players every year, especially to the world of online poker.

Take your place on a virtual table and you can play for hours, well until your luck or your money runs out. Online gambling is the area where you should exercise the most caution, as it is very easy to keep topping up your account with a credit card, so be sensible and stick to a predetermined budget, and keep the fun factor alive.

If you fancy yourself as a decent poker player then online is a good place to hone your skills, or with family to hone that poker face. As with all gambling, set yourself a limit and don’t gamble more that you can comfortably afford to lose. You will lose some and you will win some, that is the nature of poker, and of life. Keep this in mind while playing and you can keep the fun element in this skilful game of nerves.

Realistically Increasing Your Chances of Success at the WSOP

It’s the one acronym that just about every poker player seems to know by heart: WSOP. The World Series of Poker, for those not in the loop. Either way, it’s a tournament unlike any other on earth. It’s televised, it’s high stakes, and it attracts a lot of players. Scared yet?

If you’re really confident about your poker game, you shouldn’t be scared. You can be concerned about going head to head with people that live, eat, sweat, and breathe poker but you have to also keep in mind that not everyone is going to be like there. There really are going to be people that are really, really good — Chris Moneymaker good, even — but there are also going to be people that will flame out in the first round. You need to bank on just finishing as high as you possibly can, rather than feeling like if you don’t get to the final table, then you’re not worth your salt as a poker player.

There’s a lot of preparation that needs to be done before you can really say that you’re ready for such a tournament. First and foremost, if you don’t have any way of tracking your poker play, then it’s definitely time to hang it up. We’re not trying to be rude, but if you’re not going to look back on your past performance, you can’t figure out what needs tweaking and what doesn’t. All of the great poker players look at their hands, and they also play a lot of hands. Are you going to be ready for the WSOP just because you play an hour of poker every week? Not even close — you’re going to need to play tens of thousands of hands to make sure that your poker strategy is down pat. And we don’t mean that you need to play against the computer, either — real people are the best because that’s what you’re going to face at the WSOP.

If you’re going to be traveling, then you need to make absolutely sure that every detail that you can control is already in place. We’re big fans of last minute travel, but that doesn’t mean that you will just want to make decisions on the fly. You will need to really ensure that you have everything taken care of as soon as possible, rather than thinking that you can wait until the last minute. The best thing that you can do for yourself is to make sure that you really have all of the details in place — there are already so minty things to stress about when it comes to your poker game, why would you ever want to add travel confusion to that?

Another thing that you might want to consider is that it will cost you a lot of money to go to the WSOP. Make sure that you can not only afford to go from every angle, but that you also have matters tended to at home. You might think that sending yourself to the WSOP comes before everything because you can win enough money to not have to work for a while, but the reality is that there are more people that come home empty handed than the ones that go and come back with a lot of money.

If you’re trying to save on your costs to go to the WSOP, your best bet is to win a seat through a satellite poker game. You don’t want to try to just cough up all of that money — earning it will also help you sharpen your poker skills for the big event.

The rest of the deal is just common sense — you want to make sure that you are a good sport no matter if you’re winning or losing, and that you follow the rules of poker to the letter. Cheating isn’t taken well, and you don’t have to cheat just to play your best game ever.

Take time in between the games to get to know other poker players. They might not help you with your game, but networking has its own set of rewards. You never know who will connect you with someone that can help you make more money, or that can help you look into opportunities to be part of the actual industry. Continue reading

Making Friends with Poker

Many people love online poker because of the social side. Although it can be a very serious game, it can also be a lot of fun for those who just play because they enjoy it.

Most poker websites have chat rooms so you can talk to people about all sorts of things. You do not have to talk about the game, although some will prefer to. A lot of poker websites will have themed chat rooms where you can go to discuss certain things. Rules are not too strict but you will find that the conversation may tend to steer towards the theme of the room so it is good to pick one that you are interested in.

It is amazing how open people can be when chatting on line and although you should be careful about how much information you give out to people, it is a fantastic way to make friends. You may even find that you end up getting on really well with someone who lives across the other side of the world or you meet people who live in your town.

Many people have gone on to meet people face to face that they have met online and even ended up marrying them. It is great to use a chat room that will allow you to meet people who have something in common with you even if it is the poker game that you like so much. The types of chat room and how much they are used will vary from site to site and so if a good chat room is something you are looking for in your online poker site then you need to make sure that you pick the right site. It might be a good idea to read some site reviews and then visit various ones to get a better idea of this.

Fast Tips for Improving Your Chances in Poker Tournaments

Going head to head in the world of poker is just part of the whole experience. The last thing that you will want to do is find yourself being able to really compete on a proper footing with everyone else. Poker tournaments are a fun way to pass away a weekend, or even just a day where nothing else is happening.

So if you really want to tighten up your game for tournaments, here’s what you will need to do.

The biggest thing that you will want to be aware of is your chip stack relative to everyone else’s. A lot of people get swept up in the moment that they don’t stop to think about things with a more logical approach. They feel that they can play with their gut and the cards will be favorable to them. You should always be thinking about how much the other opponents have at the table, because that’s going to direct you to figure out when to answer a raise and when to just fold out. Should you always go all in? When it comes to tournament style play, the answer is definitely NO. You don’t want to rush in — if someone comes out of nowhere with a strong raise and you know that you don’t have anything, that’s not the time where you bluff and push in anyway. Chances are good that they actually do have something worth pushing in with, which is why they raised hard in the first place!

Concentration in poker is important, and poker tournaments will challenge you to compete even more. You will need to make sure that you are sitting in a comfortable chair and that you use the bathroom and get something to eat/drink before the tournament starts. Hardcore players actually skip the refreshments so that they don’t miss a moment, but it’s up to you how you actually play.

When you’re ready to play poker tournaments, it’s important to make sure that you’re not getting in over your head. Remember that the higher the stakes, the higher chances of facing some pretty tough customers!

Keeping aware of your betting and staying aware of everything going on in your game is the absolute key to tying everything together. Tournaments are really a test of endurance more than anything else — how will you fare? Why not check them out for yourself today?