The Jargon of Online Poker

All casino games are filled with jargon — but none are filled with as much jargon as the game of poker. Indeed, you will have your work cut out for you as you really learn the terms for each and ever component of a good poker game. When you’re just beginning your hobby as a poker player, this can be overwhelming. However, you will need to gain familiarity as fast as possible so that you will get the best advantage when you decide to play against other people.

It goes without saying that you shouldn’t allow the jargon of online poker to throw you off, or make you feel like you don’t have what it takes to really do well at the tables. It will just take time before all of these terms make sense. The more you play and interact with other players online, the easier your poker playing hobby will actually be.

The basic terms of online poker are similar to offline poker. For example, both styles of game play refer to the community cards, which are the cards that first hit the board. In the case of Texas Hold ‘Em; this is divided into the flop, turn, and river. The flop are the first three cards that hit the board, the turn is the 4th card that hits the board, and the river is the last card that hits the board. Many poker games have been won by that 5th card, so don’t think that the game is immediately over once the flop hits the board. Knowing these terms will help you greatly when you start looking into poker theory because you will need to take different actions based on not only where you are at the table, but what stage you are in the game. The actions that you might take at the flop level could be far different than that of the river-stage, where that last card determines so much of the gameplay.

You also have terms like big blind and small blind, which are forced bets that certain players have to put up depending on their place around the table. It’s usually to the left of the dealer, but some poker variations state otherwise.

Overall, there is a lot to do when it comes to learning the nuts and bolts of online poker. However, before you really do anything else, you would really do well to learn the jargon of online poker. If you really take the time to learn the jargon of online poker, there’s really no limit to what you can do!

Casino Games and US Players Will Always Be a Match Made in Heaven

These days, if you only tune into the “scare headlines’ of online web sites, they’ll tell you that US players are going to have to give up casino games. They’re going to have to turn around and actually do something other than enjoy the wide world that casino games actually offers to each and every person. When you gamble online, it doesn’t matter where you’re from. If you’re not playing a strategy game like online blackjack, then you don’t even have to have skill — just a whole lot of luck.

But how do you know what to believe when you read about certain casino websites shutting down all US traffic to their doors? That can be something that’s tough to deal with. If you’re an online gambler from the States that just wants to be able to play in peace, we have good news — yes, you can!  It’s just a matter of really wanting to get big things to happen rather than feeling like it’s impossible to do anything because you don’t know where to begin.

We recommend online roulette because it’s a classic game that everyone has seen at least once or twice in the real world. The online equivalent is just as fast paced and really fun as well. You can win serious money in roulette, and there’s a community online that is just waiting around to help you improve your skills. Yes, this is something that might take time but trust us — it’s all worth it in the end. The casinos really want you to have a good time — that’s why they’re always willing to help you through welcome bonuses that stretch your bankroll.

If you are a fan of slots in real time casinos, you’re going to love the massive selection of online slot games to choose from. They’re just like their offline counterparts in terms of chances to win serious money. For example, take the Book of Ra slot game. It’s definitely one that can pay out serious money, especially with multiple bonus triggers in the game. However, this is a world that you really do need to check out for yourself. We can only tell you half the story — the other story comes alive through actually checking it out to see if you’ll like it!

The Wide Variation In Casino Games

What a lot of people don’t realize about poker and casino games is that there are loads of different variations of all the games. Take poker for example, you’ve got Draw poker, Stud poker and Community card poker to name just three of the many different variations that you will find at both land based poker tables and online.

The trend of variation continues when you look at casino games as well. Take blackjack for example, a lot of people just assume that blackjack is a game where you need to get as close to 21 as you can without going over and that’s the end of it. While that is true to an extent, there are loads of different variations of the game which can make it more interesting.

One example of this is a game called blackjack switch where you’re dealt two hands of cards rather than one. What you’re able to do is switch cards from one hand to another if it will give you more favourable hands and this is a very entertaining alternative to the regular blackjack games. Another blackjack game that has an interesting twist is Perfect Pairs which is like a regular blackjack game except there’s an optional side bet which enables you to wager on getting pairs of cards.

All in all, some online casinos have over 60 different blackjack games to choose from so there’s no shortage of different games to play on. Another game where you will find a lot of variation is roulette, not so much in brick and mortar casinos but you will find plenty of variation online.

You see, which roulette game you play in a land based casino depends on geography, if you’re in Las Vegas then you will play the American version of the game. If you’re in the UK then you will play the European version of the game and finally, the French have their own version of the game. Of course, there are exceptions to this but generally you will get the game that suits what country you’re in.

However with roulette online you get loads of variations of the game that you just wouldn’t find online such as Roulette Royale, mini roulette and even 3 wheel roulette games. Roulette Royale is like a regular game except there’s a huge progressive jackpot attached if you get 5 of the same numbers in a row, for example, 7, 7, 7, 7, 7.

You may think that getting a run of numbers is impossible but it does happen on occasion and the lucky winners get large 6 figure sums. There are also smaller prizes on offer for 3 and 4 consecutive numbers in a row.

The game where you will see the most variation is slots with some casinos offering hundreds of different versions of the game. Obviously there’s not much difference between the games in terms of rules (although you do get a few variations) but the main difference lies in the themes of the games.

For example, a lot of the slots games are based on films such as Spiderman, Lord of the Rings and King Kong. With the Lord of the Rings games you obviously score big when you get three reels all showing the one ring. So as you can see, there are loads of different variations of casino games and really I’ve only scratched the surface here. If you where to sign up to a well know and reputable online casino yourself you would soon see just how much variation there really is.