Carefully Analyzing the Best Poker Sites for Maximum Strategy

Are all poker sites created equal? Does the poker site that you play on really matter in the grand scheme of things? The answer to the first question is no, but the second answer is a resounding yes — the site you play on when it comes to online poker really does matter! When you know that you need to make sure that you are looking at your poker strategy from every angle, it definitely pays to include the website as part of your analysis. It’s not that you can’t turn lemons into lemonade when you run across a problematic poker site, but why would you really want to put yourself through that type of stress?

Just as the farmer carefully tends to his crop, you should be careful with your poker game. Yes, the analogy works here: when you go to play casino games online (including poker), you are essentially looking for the best “soil” (the casino itself) that can yield the best “crops” (money, prizes). The “water” in this case is a blend of the players as well as the poker game itself. You have to water your crops if you want them to grow, but nothing grows in poor soil. Nothing.

So, how do you make sure that you really get your hands on a great poker site that’s really going to make you money? Well, a casino review guide can help you, but only if you know what you’re looking for. If you had to step back and really look at what makes a casino site better than another, it would be the little things that create the casino experience. You’re looking for the best experience possible each time you sit down to play poker.

Generally speaking, it’s all about the challenge. Now, some players like to go head to head against a real cardshark, but when you’re just starting out, sometimes it’s better to chase that low hanging fruit. Not only will you develop confidence, but you’ll feel better when it really comes time to earn big money. What will you do when it comes time to sit at a casino with players that live and breathe poker? It can really become a scary experience!

The secret is out, though: those casinos that offer those big bonus packages also entice a lot of weaker players to the party. These are players that don’t always have the best strategy. They aren’t as focused as you are — they just want to play poker. So if you have basic poker strategy downpat, you can actually make money off those people. Now, at first glance that might not sound fair, but you aren’t going to play poker online to be “fair” in that sense. There’s nothing wrong with exploiting a player’s weakness. It’s not cheating. It’s fair play in the world of poker. If you want to survive, you have to adapt. There’s no better lesson to teach new players. Those that want to make real money will quickly adapt, we assure you!

So, overall, if you really want to have a “complete” strategy, you would do well to study the best poker sites online and pick a few that really speak to you — that’s all there is to it!

Maximise Your Poker Play with Marketing Codes and Bonuses

The smart online poker players make use of the many great marketing codes and bonuses available.  These can provide a powerful way to boost your playing fund.  You can get some excellent Pokerstars marketing code and bonus options.

Poker Bonuses

You may be wondering what poker bonuses are. In the case of the Pokerstars marketing codes this normally means cash bonuses.  For the current ‘StarS600’ code you can get 100% bonus on your first poker cash deposit.  You can then use this money to get started with Texas holdem, Omaha and many other great online poker games.

You can also use the bonuses from Pokerstars marketing codes to enter tournaments. These are fun experiences for online poker players and can help to boost your skills and confidence.  With the ‘FLOPTURNRIVER’ you will get up to $1000 worth of entries into the popular FTR tournaments every month.  This is an affordable way for beginners to get into tournament style play.


Before you sign up to any online poker rooms you need to check through the reviews.  There are hundreds of reviews available online from other players and industry experts.  These are very useful resources that can provide the following information:

•    Poker Bonuses – reviews will get behind the hype and tell you just how good poker bonuses really are.  Some bonuses may only be valid for a month.  It can be difficult to make the most of them if you only play online every now and then.  One of the benefits of the Pokerstars marketing code ‘STARS600’ is that it is valid for up to 6 months.  This means you can get the most out of it even if you do not play often.

•    Best All-Round Sites – you need to know that the poker site you are using can provide a good all-round service.  This means a secure personal account that is easy to use, player-friendly software, fast check outs and smooth deposits and withdrawals. Reviews can provide you with other player’s experiences and help you to see how online poker rooms perform in the real world.

•    Customer Support – if something goes wrong when you are playing then you need will need fast and responsive help.  Reviews reveal just how good the customer support structure is in poker rooms.  This will help you to make sure you choose an online poker site that can deliver effective customer service.

Entertain Yourself For Hours On End – Play Poker Now!

Life can get pretty, well…boring if you’re not careful. It’s not like you’re really looking for reasons to be bored, or that you even want to be bored. It sort of just happens, and you will need to make sure that you’re doing everything that you can to avoid getting too bored. If you have a computer and an Internet connection (which you do, otherwise you wouldn’t be able to read this guide), why not play poker now?

It’s not like poker is anything new per se — people have been playing poker for decades. However, there’s something powerful about playing poker online. It’s the thrill of being able to test your mental abilities and make money at the same time. When you know that you really want to get things done, you can’t help but dive into the world of online poker. Not only will you immediately get the entertainment that you’re looking for, you’ll also receive the best challenge of your life.

The most interesting thing about poker online is that it’s not about other players all the time. It’s about you, and your ability toe work under pressure. It’s about your desire to succeed; even when it looks like there’s no way that you’ll be able to do so. It’s about being able to overcome just about anything that you can think of, and that’s always a good thing. Continue reading

Benefits of playing at an online casino

When at a casino, it is very tempting to play for longer than you originally intended to. Whether this is because your winnings pot is gradually increasing or there are lots of games that you would like to play, travelling home could be taking longer than you thought. If your taxi home is going to take ages, then more than likely you’ll be paying a lot too – meaning you’ve already lost a chunk of your hard-earned winnings. Playing at a casino that is several miles away from your home or on the high street isn’t the only option available. This is because an online casino provides the exhilarating experience of a real-life casino wherever and whenever you want.

An online casino has numerous games to choose from – many more than a traditional casino! Whether you prefer roulette, blackjack or baccarat, you’ll be able to find them all at an online casino. As travelling to a casino isn’t required because you can take part in the whole casino experience from the comfort of your own home, you can play at an online casino (visit site whenever you want). Whether you want to make your lunch break even more enjoyable or to relax after you’ve finished working, logging onto an online casino and playing your favourite game will allow you to do this. As the minimum bet for each game is stated, you will be able to spend as much or as little money as you want to.

When participating at an online casino, this will offer you many benefits. Not only will you be able to bet whenever you want, but the exhilarating casino experience can be enjoyed at your convenience.

Different Types of Poker Players

Being аble to reаd poker players is а tаlent thаt tаkes time to recognize, but the more experience you hаve playing poker, the more you will pick up on the chаrаcter styles of players.  Bаsicаlly, there аre three mаin types of players:

1.    The Аggressive Player
2.   The Conservаtive Player
3.   The Juvenile Player

The following is whаt you cаn expect when coming аcross eаch type of these players:

The Аggressive Player

Аggressive players will do everything in their power to mаnipulаte аnd put pressure on you to try аnd get you to do whаt they wаnt.  They usuаlly will choose to rаise or fold, which will аffect other players by pressuring them to cаll or muck.

Greаt аggressive players show а lot of confidence, аnd cаn be unnerving opponents when the stаkes аre high.  If you give them the chаnce, they will control your every move аnd will tаke аll of your money.

The only wаy to outsmаrt the аggressive player is to not let them intimidаte you, аnd leаrn how to play their gаme.  Know your cаrds, know the other players аnd give the аggressor а tаste of their own medicine.

The Conservаtive Player

The conservаtive player is а player who only tаkes necessаry risks, аnd will not foolishly bet if the cаrds аren’t right.  The conservаtive player is one who knows the rules inside аnd out, аnd hаs аn excellent memory аnd аnаlyzing skill.  If he or she hаs the hаnd with the best odds, they will sneаk up without the other players suspecting them to tаke the pot.

When playing аgаinst а conservаtive player, you will find thаt they will fold more often thаn tаke а risk, so be wаry of the quiet opponent who stаys within the hаnd cаrefully checking аnd cаlling in the first few rounds, only to rаise the stаkes in the lаter rounds.

The conservаtive player is а very tаcticаl opponent, аnd like the аggressive player should never be underestimаted.

The Juvenile Player

The juvenile player is probаbly the eаsiest player to recognize, аs their poker style is incredibly immаture, аbrаsive, cocky, overаcting, cаreless аnd foolish.  The juvenile player will seldom win аny of the bigger pots, tаkes stupid risks аnd is usuаlly the first to lose аll of their money.

Just by the аbove description it should come аs no surprise thаt these players аre disliked аnd not respected by other players.  They аre eаsy to tаke аdvаntаge of, so use them аs а wаy to gаin а high chip аdvаntаge eаrly in the gаme.  The quicker these players аre out of the gаme, the more money you will hаve to play with.

Online Poker tournaments – The basic facts

Poker is a game of luck and skills. It is a very popular game all over the world and this is why there are a lot of online poker players who enjoy playing this game. If you are one of them, you are probably aware of the two types of online poker play available: cash games and tournaments. Sit and go play is also available online but in reality it is just another form of online poker tournaments.

Online poker tournaments are great opportunities for making serious money online. This is because you can have a boom in your bankroll if you will constantly play these tournaments. It is clear that there are a lot of people who only play for the fun of it and this is why you have an edge over the majority of the online poker players.

There are online poker tournaments that can be played either for free or that have entry fees. If you are a newbie in the online poker world, you should consider playing a few tournaments for free and only then try the entry fee ones. This is because you will be able to learn a few things without risking your money.

The main idea of online poker tournaments is that you can make a lot of money without risking a lot. This is because the prizes for the final table are incredibly high when you compare them to the entry fee. It is clear that you will not reach the final table every time but you will surely have a bankroll boost when you do reach the final table.

Online poker tournaments are great for both beginners and experienced poker players. This is because they allow you to have a bankroll boost and use your poker skills from the comfort of your own home. However, you should understand that bankroll management is very important when you play tournaments. In some cases, it is more important than when you play cash games. If you will use your entire bankroll on one tournament, chances are you will lose it.

In conclusion, online poker tournaments are great ways for making money online. You need a bit of luck and skills for making serious profits by playing them. There are a lot of online poker rooms and you should choose between them using some criteria. If you want to play tournaments a lot, you should choose between the online poker rooms using the tournament schedule and the tournament player types criteria.

Blackjack Online Removes the Need for Speed

As an amateur blackjack fan, you may be put off trying out the game at a live casino because you feel that you’re not ready to sit down at a table and start playing for real money. First, it is extremely important to learn the Rules of Online Casino Blackjack. Blackjack is a game of skill, and you’ll need your wits about you in order to succeed. The last thing you need is pressure on you as you think about the best way to play out your game. Unfortunately, the setting of a live casino floor, with players around you and a dealer that is waiting for you to make a decision, could cause you to make the wrong move – costing you a small fortune in the process.

Thankfully, blackjack online removes the need for speedy decisions to be made. By opting to take your blackjack sessions online, you can take all the time in the world to consider how you should play out the game. There is no clock hanging over your head, telling you that you have to make a decision NOW, nor are there other players around the table giving you dirty looks for taking so long.

Blackjack online is the best way to learn the game and practice it, not only because you can play free blackjack, but also because you are not pressed for time. Learning in a relaxed and unpressured environment means that you can build your confidence slowly but surely, until you feel that you’re ready to advance – whether up a level at the online blackjack site, or on the live casino floor. You can Play Lucky Blackjack that gives you the ultimate platform off which to practice your basic strategy without the risk of losing your bankroll in the process, and the self-assurance to continue on your gaming journey.

The Mathematics of Online Poker

When you’re trying to play online poker seriously, it definitely helps to bring a little math into the equation. Of course, you will need to make sure that you know what math you’re using, as well as how the mathematics of online poker actually helps you.

Of course, you could go your entire poker career without using any type of mathematics at all, but there are some serious benefits for actually going to get some of the mathematics of online poker under your belt. For starters, you will immediately know whether or not you should enter a pot or if you should step out of the pot and let the other players attack it. This is actually part of the greater subject of bankroll management, since the wise player will automatically make sure that they will be able to preserve their capital. You don’t want to go all in on a pot that you can’t win, nor do you even want to bet aggressively when the odds aren’t in your favor.

So, how do you calculate your pot odds?

There are two situations where you will want to calculate your pot odds — when you’re on a flush or a straight draw. It’s tempting to try to ride out a pot when you see the possibility or a flush or a straight.

You can work out whether or not you should pursue things using the percentage method, which is what you might be familiar with from televised poker tournaments.

If you hold a 9-7 and the flop is 6-8-A, then you have the potential for a great straight. Your opponent might bet $30, to bring the total pot to about $90 (hypothetically).

The first thing that you do with the percentage method is to make sure that you actually calculate the card odds. You need to figure out how many cards that give you the straight that you need. In a standard deck, that would be 8 — also considered “outs”.

You need to find the percentage chance that you will have a straight on the next card, which means that mathematically speaking; you must make sure that you double the outs, and then add 1. Working out this math means that you would essentially have a 17% chance of making the straight.

However, this is not the only step — you must compare it with the pot odds before you make a decision. The pot odds are pretty simple. Remember that we assumed our opponent bet $30, which brought the pot to $90. You would need to call $30, which would bring the pot to $120.

In order to figure out the pot odds, you have to add in the bet that you called, as well as the pot already in play. This means calculating from $120, not just $90 — this is an important point to remember, because it can really throw off your odds.

$30 is 25% of 120, which essentially puts your pot odds at 25%, and your card odds at 17%. As you might imagine, this means that it would be better to fold than it would be to push forward with your bet. You would be losing money. Now, there is something to be said about luck — even though your odds are low, there is always that chance that you really will get the straight. However, do you really want to play on emotion? This is a great way to go…if you want to lose lots of money. Now, if you really want to win good money you will need to start using math to really increase your pot winnings and become a smarter poker player overall.

Play the EuroJackpot Lottery

Modelling itself almost completely on the already successful Euromillions the EuroJackpot has a favourable rule system that should make the big prizes a lot easier for players to win. Like all lottery games the aim of the EuroJackpot is to match numbers you’ve chosen with numbers that are drawn at random once each week on a Friday evening.

The results of each draw are online around 01:00 GMT +3 as they are drawn in Helsinki Finland at 00:45 +3 GMT.

7 numbers are drawn each week. 5 of are from a pool of 1-50 and the remaining two are from a pool of 1-11. Each Friday there will be a guaranteed minimum jackpot of €10,000,000. This jackpot can rollover when it is not won up to a maximum of €90,000,000.

The jackpot prize is of course won by matching all 5 of your main numbers and 2 extra numbers with the results each Friday. Cash prizes can be won for matching a minimum of 2 main numbers and 1 extra number.

The bottom tiered prizes start from approximately €8, all the way up to approximately  €350,000,000 for matching 5 main numbers and 1 extra number -e.g one number away from a jackpot win. It’s these extra prize categories that make the game so playable, and create so many big cash winners who have done very well for their €2 ticket cost.

The odds of a jackpot victory are among the best in the world at 1 in 56 million.

The prize winning odds drop considerably when it comes to winning the smallest amount of €8, as players have a 1 in 35 chance of doing so.

Online Poker Tournaments – Are They Fixed?

From many years ago to present day, there is an ongoing debate as to whether or not poker tournaments held online are fixed. Even though people on both sides of this debate claim their theory is correct, the fact is that there is no solid evidence to support or refute either side.

In order to decide for yourself, you must take a look at the algorithms that are used by every poker website on the Internet. Why do they use algorithms? Once online poker gained popularity, scandals began popping up left and right regarding the usage of cheating methods in order to win games. Because of these dishonest players, Web-based poker rooms began using complex algorithms to stop cheaters in their tracks.

However, a few of the algorithms used in online poker rooms have made significant changes to winning percentages, players and game results. Internet poker is based on a non-random series of codes generated by a computer. Once certain codes are put into the poker software, the possible results of a game are changed, causing the game to be much more natural and a lot less random for those who are aware of the general idea behind poker algorithms.

For instance, let’s say you are sitting back and observing the final round of a poker tournament when the short-stack player has refrained from playing the last few hands and then all of a sudden, he puts it all in, prompting one or multiple opponents to call. Because the short-stack player does this when his opponents have a better hand than him, he can double or even triple his winnings.

With the above example in mind, the fair-percentage algorithm is also used by numerous online poker rooms. The point behind this algorithm is to ensure that no player can hold a huge advantage over his or her competitors, preventing the player from constantly winning pot after pot. In addition, this algorithm prevents a player from outright domination over the table by reducing the amount of wins the player can have.

Generally, if a particular poker website uses more algorithms than their competition, regardless of their reasoning behind doing so, they could be accused of “fixing” their online poker tournaments because they have chosen to intervene with the natural statistics of the game by throwing algorithms into the mix.

Now that you are aware that a wide array of the algorithms and patterns that are utilized by various poker sites in order to keep cheating at bay as well as control other aspects, you must become more familiar with the algorithms used by your website of choice in order to have a better chance of winning. Without this knowledge, you will simply be fighting a losing battle with computer-generated software designed to maximize your losses being your enemy.