Is It Bad Karma to Hunt Fish Poker Players?

Fish. Swimming the big open seas of poker, waiting to be caught…wait, what? If you thought that fish only belonged in the ocean, then you haven’t played enough poker. Or maybe you’re currently a fish right now and you want to move up to being a shark. There’s nothing wrong with a fish phase, as we were all once newcomers to the great world of poker. However, that’s not what this guide tackles, actually. We want to explore the classic question: is it bad karma to hunt fish poker players?

If you aren’t a fish, you know the type — they make wild, swinging bets only to come up with nothing of importance during the showdown. You can take their chips very easily because you take the time to learn strategy, while most fish only see that they have a little paint in their hand and a fat stack of chips to start with — so why not put everything on the line. All in, dealer!

Whoa. We’re a little critical of fish players, and we apologize. For every fish that dreams about learning good strategy and proper form in the world of poker, there are five others around him or her that just want to make fast money and become the next Gus Hansen. In order to become that good, you’re going to have to make poker your life for a little while, and there’s definitely nothing wrong with that at all. You have to make sure that you really think about the strategy of poker through everything you do. If that means that you sit and obsessively analyze all of your previous hands, then that’s what you need to do.

But again, this guide isn’t about breaking out of the fish barrel, it’s seeing about what you can do in terms of taking advantage of the fish barrel. More specifically, we’re asking whether or not it’s right to hunt players that really play that badly.

Sure, you can hang out in the lower stakes games where a lot of fish tend to congregate. Because they’re just starting out, they don’t want to run through their bankrolls too quickly. They’re nervous about losing money — after all, the old saying is that fear of loss is higher than the promise of gain. You can indeed run a good psychological game against fish players, but should you really walk down that road?

In a word, yes — let’s face it, poker isn’t a fair game all the time when it comes to the battlefield of the mind. You will still need to make tough decisions and choices along the way that are going to leave you frustrated. You’re going to have to make choices that are going to be a little shady — but very, very profitable.

Think about it from this perspective — if you’re not taking the money from fish players, someone else is. In the world of poker, whoever has the bigger bankroll can afford to set up longer plays and thus collect more money. Those that have larger bankrolls can practice their game a bit more than people that don’t. Finally, people with larger bankrolls can simply play more — and who doesn’t want to play as much poker as they possible can?

It makes sense to go after fish players if they’re going to swim in the same waters as you are. If you want to play the lower limit games in order to build up your bankroll against weaker players, you can do that. However, as you move up the ladder you’re going to run into less fish and more competition. Of course, there are bonus hunters from other gambling pools that jump into poker looking to make “fast money” — they can be pretty “fishy” and make silly poker calls. Since the World Series of Poker is televised and a lot of people watch it around the world, a lot of people feel that they can go out and make money in poker. When you think about it, it makes sense — why would you want to work at a 9 to 5 job when you can become a poker player and make a hell of a lot more money?

We may never have a real answer to the question, but if you really ask us, we think that it’s perfectly okay to play against fish and take their chips. However, a word of caution — today’s fish might be tomorrow’s sharks, so make sure that you keep a tight strategy — good luck out there!

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Are you going to still have to read the fine print? Absolutely! You want to make sure that you start thinking about things like this as you go through your gambling career. You absolutely want to make sure that you’re thinking about anything and everything that could take away your fun.

Thankfully, the casinos really strive to give you a great experience.

But it really is about getting the most information possible. This means if you want a play bonus, Playpokie is really where you want to go from here.

High quality information sites that lay out exactly what you need to know aren’t always in big supply. You might wade through a lot of sites on your won without really finding out what you need to know.

Playing the pokies will definitely set you up nicely to win big money. It’s not guaranteed, but really, when you think about it…what’s really guaranteed in life? What can you honestly lose by checking it out?

You can also look into free play if you’re not ready to take advantage of the bonus offer. It’s up to you to figure out how to play this on your own terms. Good luck!

All About Poker Hand Ranking

Covering the fundamentals of poker is a bit dry, but if you’re reading this right now — you definitely need it. Why should you have to go through your poker career not grasping the things that other players seem to know by memory?

If you’re someone that gets into the WSOP, you’ll find that those players definitely rely on strong poker theory and fundamentals. While everything looks chaotic and by chance, it’s anything but. There’s just way too much money on the table. Now, you might not be someone that’s playing at those stakes, but that’s no excuse to just let good theory fly out the window.

It doesn’t get more fundamental than understanding the ranking of poker hands. If you’re going to play any type of poker, you need to know what your rankings really are.

There are 52 cards in a standard deck, and the ranking of the cards starts high: ace, king, queen, jack, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2. There’s no suit ranking in most online poker games, which means that the King of Hearts and the King of Spades are equal.

In Texas Hold’Em, you get two cards to go with. Those are your hole cards.

The first three cards dealt are known as the flop. And that’s where the other rankings come in.

First, you have the straight flush. This is the highest type of poker hand — five cards of the same suit in sequence. If you get two players that both have straight flushes, the one that has the higher top card is the winner. Keep in mind that an ace can be counted as low and high, so it’s important to look — 5-4-3-2-A is not a high flush — it’s a low flush, as the ace is played “low”. A-K-Q-J-10 would be a high flush, where the ace is played “high” (though, this is technically a Royal Flush, and is higher than the standard Straight Flush.)

Keep in mind that your flush cannot “turn the corner”, so 4-3-2-A-K is not valid at all. However, 5-4-3-2-A (all the same suit) is a valid flush.

Make sure that you have all of the same suit, otherwise it’s just a straight.

Next, we have the four of a kind. It’s pretty straight forward — four cards of the same rank. Four queens, four kings, four jacks. To break a tie, the 5th card is known as a kicker; Between two fours of a king, it’s all about who has the higher set. So 5-5-5-5-2 would be beaten by 7-7-7-7-3. If two players have exactly the same “best hand” in community games, then the kicker decides. So if there’s J-J-J-9 on the table, the player that has K-7 will beat a player that has Q-9 — the king obviously beats the queen. But what if one player has say, 8-2 and another has 6-5? The 9 kicker on the board makes the best hand for both of them. Continue reading

Slow play – pros and cons

All of us dream of being dealt monster hands or hit marvelous flops. What can be nicer than see the “pocket rocket” in your hand, or matching you 8,9 pocket cards with a 6,7,T flop? In many cases, your pre-flop raise will face a massive fold and you’ll end up collecting the blinds with your pocket aces.

To get the most from a monster hand, both online poker players and live players slow play their hands sometimes. Slow playing a hand means checking/calling although you believe you have the best hand. The slow play might be used in the pre-flop with a monster hand, or after the flop is dealt. I’ve seen at many online poker rooms players who slow play their hands even on the turn and river, just to get some more chips from their opponents.

Advantages of slow playing

There are two big advantages of slow playing a monster hand: your opponents won’t have a clue about what your whole cards are and they are more likely to join the pot instead of folding. This means that you can gather a higher pot before attacking it. Let’s consider you have pocket kings on early position. You call the big blind and a player from late position raises. You only call, and the flop brings 4,7,Q.

If your opponent hits the high pair with his J,Q he will think he is in front of you, because you just called pre-flop and you’re most likely not holding high cards. This is the situation where you can make a lot of money. In the early position you are the first to act, and your check will be followed by a raise. Call again, and your opponent will put you on a draw.

He will become more confident in his hand and will throw more money in the pot.

What would have happened in the same situation if you would have risen pre-flop? Your opponent with J, Q would have probably folded, since an early position raise indicates a very powerful hand.

There is also a drawdown of slow-playing. You risk having your monster overpowered by a weaker hand, if it hits the flop. You should not slow play your hand from a late position if nobody raised. You don’t get a bigger pot, you just give them a free glop/turn. Your KK can turn into garbage if an ace shows on the table.

Once I have beaten a player holding KK with my 2,3 big blind. He just called pre-flop, and I was able to see the flop for free and I hit two pairs. If I would have not hit the flop, I would have still folded, so he wouldn’t get anything. He just risked for nothing. And you may imagine that he strong played his KK after a 2,3,T flop.

Poker sharks slow play their hands in certain situations, mostly when holding the nuts or a hand that is very hard to overpower.

They usually slow play only made hands on the flop, like straights, flushes, trips or higher. I wouldn’t recommend slow playing on low stakes tables or on limit games. You should also pay attention at draws before slow playing your hand. Written by: Abscident

Poker mouth corners

Practice may not make perfect, but it can make you money. Reading expressions, is a skill that can be honed to function almost automatically just as opening and closing your hand. That is to say, you don’t think it, then do it. You, what I call for fun, “thinkdo“.

I have only been working at this for a couple years, and as a result or side effect; I sometimes even read things in people I’m talking to normally. As in, way outside of the realm of poker, without even being conscious of trying. You’ll notice if it starts to happen, because at some point you’ll see something in someone, and say to yourself ‘Wow he/she just lied to my face…’ At that point you want to explain to the people closest to you that you have been developing this skill to avoid a lot of fighting and conflict.

Its been proven that on average, people lie, or omit something about 6 times per 30 minutes of conversation. Trust me. For the sake of both your personal, and poker life. The last thing you need is to bring emotional stress and baggage with you to the table.

That being said, I would like to get into another entry level emotional tell involving the mouth. I only say entry level because I’m going to explain how a person’s mouth reacts to when they are attempting to hide happiness; and the mouth can’t be kept from sight consistently.(as opposed to sunglasses over the eyes) The only way to hide the mouth, is to cover it. Usually with their hands, and they can’t continuously do that because it increases the amount of carbon dioxide that’s re-inhaled when they breathe. This causes a 10-20 bpm heart rate drop, and a minor deprivation of oxygen to the bloodstream, and eventually to the brain. The side effects of that definitely shows in their judgment over the course of a session, and to some extent their stamina.(These players tend to get up and take more breaks. *Note:When they come back they feel refreshed from breathing the casinos oxygen rich air, and increased blood flow from walking around).

The mouth is very unique in how its controlled. The old wives tale that says it takes more muscles to frown, than to smile is not 100% true. There is more muscle INVOLVMENT in frowning, because when talking about a natural unexaggerated frown, most of the muscles are relaxing. The muscles that control your upper lip, is the only ones actually functioning here. When you smile, the muscles tighten, therefore are ‘worked out’ more and in turn are firmer. This is why a young person can get ‘frown lines’ and not smile lines. (not working your muscles anywhere in your body can cause them to weaken.)

When somebody feels the emotion of happiness, it is a natural reaction to smile. Obviously at a poker table, you don’t usually see that happen before the end of the hand. Well, most people don’t, because most people are looking at the center of the mouth, when they should be focusing on the corners. If you look a little closer you‘ll see the movements(you’ve probably been mistaken them for meaningless, or unhelpful twitches to this point). Different things *WILL* happen depending on the expression they are trying to hold. In my experience, this is how I have been successful in breaking it down. Continue reading

Hot Poker Babe Melanie Weisner Combines Beauty and Real Poker Skill

When most people think of poker, they often think of middle aged guys that are balding and getting on in years. However, there is a lively section of poker that is filled with hot chicks. What could be better than that? Hot chicks, strategy, and playing for real money?

Of course, there are a lot of women associated with poker. Casinos have gotten smart and used a lot of models to interact with players for a very long time. However, there’s a world of difference between a poker playing babe and just a hired model that can’t tell the difference between a 3 bet and true power poker.

Let’s talk about one poker babe that definitely needs to get highlighted. Melanie Weisner is a seriously good poker babe that is starting to catch a lot of attention. Why?

That’s easy, check out her picture:

See what we mean? She’s definitely a hottie, and she can play real poker.

Weisner is a born and bred Houston native who used to pursue singing before going head first into poker. Like many, she was lured into the sport after seeing other people hit it big. Her brother was a poker player and showed her it was possible to win big in poker as well.

Get this: she earned 400 grand playing just part-time while being a student at New York University! Not only is she hot, but she clearly has talent for the game.

Online tournaments are her favorites, because it gives her a chance to shine. She took 3rd place out of over 10,000 entrants in the Pokerstars Turbo Takedown. She netted 40 grand from that little tournament — which is more than some poker players ever see in a lifetime! You don’t make that type of money hanging out playing on Facebook poker, right? Right.

That was in 2009 — the next year she hit two tournaments and got 24 grand and 50 grand respectively. Her other specialty seems to be heads-up sit and go tournaments, where she can hold her own against even some of the toughest power poker players around. Continue reading

Give Yourself the Power to Play Poker Well

If you’re looking for ways to improve your poker game, you are definitely not the only one. Many people find that they really do need to make chances to the way they play poker, because they’re losing a lot of money. This is generally new players, but veterans can find themselves on a losing streak as well.

Now, your first thought might be that you just need to practice more. This is also a safe bet. Most people don’t really practice enough to become professional poker players that can handle their own. Do you really think that Doyle Brunson didn’t play a lot of poker before really becoming great? That’s just not the case at all.

So the real issue here is making everything connect together. You can definitely do that if it’s something you truly wish to do, but are you mentally ready for it?

The Case for Mental Preparedness in Poker

Poker is honestly what you make of it. If you just assume that poker is going to be some mean game that you’re never going to win, your brain will never let you become a winning poker player. Everything starts within the mind, all of the time. So if you feel that there’s no point in even studying the legendary poker matches or anything of the sort, you might want to think again. It’s so easy to feel like there’s no point at all in getting involved with poker on such an intimate scale. After all, there are players that are better at the game than you are.

Back up and ask yourself this — are you smarter than them? Are you going to be doing something that is impossible, since no other human has done it? Not at all — it’s just a matter of conquering your mind.

What you’ll ultimately find about fear is that it’ll make things sound worse than it might be in reality. You’re probably a good poker player, but you’re letting yourself get caught up in the losses. You need to focus on the wins. What did you do in order to get those wins? Where you looking at pot odds and planning around stupid moves? Or were you the bully of the table, using power poker techniques to really show everyone what you’re made out of?

Give yourself the power to play poker well, and you will start playing better poker. Yes, it will take practice. Yes, you will have to avoid getting bullied by other players. Don’t back down. Know when to go all in with good cards and when to pull back and let someone else lose all of their chips. You will always have another day to play poker, so don’t take it seriously. At the end of the day, it’s all just entertainment!

Poker not like the Wild West these days

Long associated with the Wild West, where cowboys gambled their ill gotten gains in a saloon while being served shots of whiskey by a nymph called Miss Mamie, the poker of today is virtually unrecognisable from those days and many new variations of the game have come into being over the years. Stud poker, straight poker and Texas hold ’em are just a few of the different kinds you will find being played around the world 24/7.

In the wee small hours when everyone should be tucked up in bed, there are programmes dedicated to poker playing away on cable channels. These show the professionals at work, the recreational players who have got so adept at the game that it is now their living. These are your hardcore players who have become so skilled at the game of poker that it is now their only source of income.

Of all the casino games, the ones involving cards are the most likely to be accused of involving some kind of cheating. We may laugh at old westerns where one gun slinger finds a king up the sleeve of another and shoots him for his audacity, but in reality rumours of corruption amongst casinos have hung around like a bad smell for decades. The truth is that they are the most legitimate places to bet anywhere, and you can rest assured that there is nothing dodgy going on, simply rumours started by bad losers.

It is also just about the worst game for friends becoming enemies and fights breaking out. A friendly game of poker in the back room of a pub is common place now, and those who take it a tad too seriously and can’t believe that they are losing so heavily will start to fling accusations around. This has got poker somewhat of a bad reputation, yet it is attracting millions of new players every year, especially to the world of online poker.

Take your place on a virtual table and you can play for hours, well until your luck or your money runs out. Online gambling is the area where you should exercise the most caution, as it is very easy to keep topping up your account with a credit card, so be sensible and stick to a predetermined budget, and keep the fun factor alive.

If you fancy yourself as a decent poker player then online is a good place to hone your skills, or with family to hone that poker face. As with all gambling, set yourself a limit and don’t gamble more that you can comfortably afford to lose. You will lose some and you will win some, that is the nature of poker, and of life. Keep this in mind while playing and you can keep the fun element in this skilful game of nerves.

Texas Hold ‘Em Strategies

Texas hold ‘em is a type of poker in which two cards are dealt to each player (face down), and then five cards called ‘community card’ are dealt face-up in front of the dealer. The first three cards are called ‘the flop’, the fourth card ‘the turn’, and the fifth and final card, ‘the river’. Players have to choose whether they will bet, check, raise or fold after every deal of the cards. There are variations on the game that specify whether or not betting occurs before or after the dealing of ‘the flop’, ‘the turn’, or ‘the river’ cards.

Poker playing aficionados almost also advise Texas hold ‘em players to maintain a tight, yet aggressive style. This means that player doesn’t play as many hands, but when they do play a hand they bet and raise bets aggressively. Another commonly held belief is that where a person chooses to sit makes an enormous difference, especially when playing Texas hold ‘em with no limits. As game play progresses, the player furthest from the dealer has more information on which to make his or her decision, thereby increasing their position.

Mathematicians and statisticians have worked to create a quantitative model of the dynamics of Texas hold ‘em in order to optimize potential strategies with a certain amount of success. Poker playing software is one way to practice theories of game play strategy using artificial intelligence.

It is vital to remember that Texas hold ‘em is not a game of luck and therefore requires intelligence and quick thinking. As with many poker games, Texas hold ‘em strategies works best if you are not only bright, but can evaluate other players and bluff effectively. Even in online Texas hold ‘em games a person can evaluate the competition by watching how they check or rise. Use of auto checked boxes is a sign that your opponent is not very professional, for instance. After only a couple of rounds you should be able to pick up on subtle clues to your opponent’s level of experience as well as behaviors such as long delays.

Keep in mind that if you are a beginner you should stick with low-limit games of Texas hold ‘em until you feel more confident in your abilities. As you gain experience, look for tables to play where you see loose play and less or equal skill to your own as you grow in your ability to outwit opponents. Texas hold ‘em is a version of poker that requires a serious mindset as well as discipline and a certain amount of self-control, so if you want to be successful, devote enough time to practice your favorite strategies.

Before you start to play for real money – why not give free online casino games a chance? You can enjoy playing free casino games all day long without losing a penny of your own money. The best part is that there is so many different kind of games, such as table games, slots games, video poker games that you will never get bored.

Why is the Poker Bonus Important in Online Poker?

There is one thing that a lot of people are not aware of when thinking about online poker. Most will believe that only the results that appear online are going to be won and lost amounts. The truth is not actually like that. In fact, there are many other things that we need to take into account. All the amounts that are won by online players in tournaments and cash games are going to be made public. However, what is not made public is the amount that is won from poker bonuses. In some occasions we are talking about even more money than the player makes from poker.

Any person that has experience in playing poker online will understand how much the bonuses can sum up to. Even if you are losing money in one day, you will accumulate some sort of points that can then be exchanged for merchandise or even money. While most people will try to get money, others will actually save the points and then buy a car. There are some poker rooms that will offer a car when a certain number of playing points are reached.

The poker bonus is really important due to many different things that need to be taken into account. For starters, you basically receive more money while playing. This means that if you lose money one day, you might have actually not lost anything due to these bonuses. In addition, when you win money, you would have won even more thanks to the bonuses.

There are many different types of poker bonuses that you can get. Make sure that you look at the promotions page of the poker room website that you are playing at so that you can see all of them. In most cases there will be a sign up bonus that will be very generous. There are different items that can be purchased with player points and extra bonuses that are achieved when you reach certain poker playing levels. Look at the tournament special offers and if you are playing at one of the poker rooms that offer a bad beat jackpot, you might want to also take a look at that. Most of the big poker rooms are offering special bonuses on a monthly basis so make sure that you check often and that you never neglect this possibility. It might mean the difference between a good poker career and a medium one.